Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo

Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo

The Most Epic Badass Amazing Insane Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo Designs

If you’re looking to get a Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo, you came to the right place!

This creative design idea not only does it looks great but has a lot of meaning behind it. We all feel, at times, like the devil is on our shoulder whispering into our ear, telling us to do something we shouldn’t.

Below you will find a gallery with our top devil whispering in ear tattoo picks of different iterations from this epic-looking design, to help you get inspired and pick the style you desire the most.

Choosing a tattoo doesn’t have to be such a difficult task, you simply need to find the design you want, pick the style, and you’re on your way!

Our Top 10
Devil Whispering in Ear
Tattoo Picks

devil whispering in ear tattoo

Some people interpret the devil whispering in ear tattoo as a symbol of evil or demonic forces whispering into someone’s ear, while others may see it as a more general representation of temptation or negative influences..

Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo
Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo

small demon whispering in ear tattoo

The small demon whispering in ear tattoo is a great choice for anyone who wants a small and simple tattoo that still has a lot of meaning

devil angel whispering in ear tattoo

Some people may think the devil angel and whispering in ear tattoo is awesome because it symbolizes the conflict between good and evil, while others may simply think it looks cool.

Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo
Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo 1

Epic demon whispering in ear tattoo

This tattoo represents the idea of a demon or other negative force whispering into someone‘s ear, trying to influence them to do something bad or evil. This tattoo can be a reminder to stay strong and resist negative influences in your life.

Smoking Demon Whispering in Ear Tattoo

This Smoking Demon Whispering in Ear Tattoo tattoo is incredibly unique and EyeCatching! It would definitely turn heads if seen in public.

Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo
Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo

Medium size Devil Whispering in Ear tattoo

minimalistdevil whispering in ear design

Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo
Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo

Black ink devil whispering in ear tattoo

Intense devil whispering in ear tattoo

Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo
Devil Whispering in Ear Tattoo

Deep Black ink devil whispering in ear tattoo

devil whispering in ear tattoo meaning

There is no one specific meaning for a devil whispering in ear tattoo, as it can mean different things for different people. Some people may get this tattoo to represent their own personal struggles with temptation or evil, while others may get it as a reminder to always be on guard against giving in to negative influences. Whatever the meaning, this type of tattoo is sure to provoke thought and conversation.

Why this tattoo


The Devil Whispering in ear tattoo design is meant for the person that feels like they often have the devil near their ear whispering bad things to do, influencing them into temptation.

Devil Whispering Tattoo Benefits
The clear benefits of having this stylish tattoo is the powerful meaning behind it, the amazing looking style and the location of it.

How To Chose The Best

Tattoo Artist


Having access to social media, one of the best methods to find the best tattoo artist for your design idea is to search on Instagram. Simply search for your city + tattoo hashtag, for example, #NewYorkTattoo.

A list of all the most recent tattoo artists with the newest picture will appear. Go through all the pictures until you find the style that you like.

The size of the Instagram portfolio is important, the more pictures are posted, the more the tattoo artist has worked, is in demand, and has better skills. If an artist hardly has a portfolio and doesn’t post regularly, be cautious.



The style of a tattoo artist is everything. They normally have a signature style, such as dotted lines, light shadows, colors, thick black lines, realistic, minimalistic, etc.

Be on the lookout for each, individual, artist and find the one that has your style. If you look at an artist’s Instagram profile and say to yourself “wow I love them all”, then you most likely found your tattoo artist.


Watch out for the Lines

One of the most important things to look for in a tattoo artist and their work is the quality of the lines.

Are they straight? Are they full? Is that the type of lines that you would want in your design?

You also want to watch out with the shadows used, is it dotted or graded? An artist will most likely always repeat the same style.


How much does it cost?

Every tattoo artist will vary in terms of cost depending on their experience. Someone with a lot of experience and a large portfolio is more likely to provide a solid final result than someone just starting out.

Experience is everything, and the tattoo artist with more of it could have a better technique, higher quality tools and ink, and a better healing method.

There is no way to know beforehand the cost of a tattoo, it all depends on the size, amount of details, and the tattoo artist, but the higher the quality, the higher the cost.

One piece of advice, don’t try to lower the cost or cheap out on this investment, this tattoo will last you a lifetime, so make sure to get the highest quality possible.


Healed Tattoos

Most tattoo artists will post pictures of freshly made tattoos on Instagram, and that is because that’s when they look the best.

Ask your artist to show you healed tattoos, this will give you an idea of what yours could look like.


Tattoo Studio

This is not a deal-breaker, but how far is the tattoo artist’s studio, is it clean, well designed, welcoming, and hygienic?

These questions will tell you a lot about a tattoo artist. If he/she takes care of their studio, this will reflect on your tattoo.

Things to Know before

Taking the Next Step

Now that you found the design and style of your next tattoo, here are the things to do before taking the next step!

Find the best

Tattoo Artist

Not all tattoo artists can or will want to do your design. You need to look through portfolios and find the best artist that does a similar style that you are searching for.

Figure out

Size & Placement

It is always recommended to have an idea of where you want your tattoo to be placed and a rough estimate of the size. This will help evaluate the timeframe and price.

Remeber to


Depending on how long the tattoo takes to get done, you will need to stay hydrated. This helps to remain calm, keeps your skin hydrated ensures everything goes smoothly. 


Some Pain

The process of getting a tattoo is by a needle going under the skin and deposits ink. Everyone’s threshold for pain is different, and several body parts are more sensitive than others. Needless to say, you can expect a stinging sensation for the duration of the tattoo process.

Keep Your Tattoos


The most important part of getting a tattoo is aftercare. Maintain your Tattoo’s look by using a daily dose.

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